Enteric coatings are designed to be resistant to stomach acid and will not dissolve until the finished dosage form reaches the small intestine. These pH dependant coatings can protect the Acid-Sensitive Enzymes from Gastric fluid or target delivery of the drug to a specific area of the digestive tract. Some Enzymes are unstable at the acid gastric pH, and need to be protected from degradation.

Our Enteric Coating technology is very selective in Coating Agents, well tested and Clinically Proven. Enteric coated agents have a better hydrolysis resistance having an excellent water dispersibility and is suitable for enteric coating. The minimum coating levels were optimized to meet Pharmacopoeial Criteria for Slow Release Formulations.

Meteoric offers fully formulated Enteric Coatings of Enzymes Amylase, Lipase, Protease, Pancreatin and Serratiopepetidase and Minerals.