METEFFLUENTZYME RI is a mixture of ecomicroorganism and enzymes used for biotechnological treatment of petroleum refinery and/or petrochemicals waste. Meteffluentzyme RI is good for refinery waste and helps in degradation of many recalcitrant, xenobiotics and difficult to degrade organic waste. Meteffluentzyme RI helps to degrade crude petroleum residues, ammonia, mercaptans, sulphides, amines and other organic compounds of which are difficult to degrade in petroleum refining and/or petroleum wastes.


METEFFLUENTZYME FBI is a mixture of ecomicroorganism and enzymes used for biotechnological treatment of food and beverages processing waste with high BOD and COD. Meteffluentzyme FBI is used in the waste water treatment with high content of grease, fats,oils. It also contains surface tension depressants which help the product to work more efficiently. Meteffluentzyme FBI helps in establishing biomass capable of handling these difficult wastes, reduce the accumulation of unsightly deposits of grease and fats, reduce odour problem.


METEFFLUENTZYME DI is a mixture of ecomicroorganism and enzymes used for biological treatment of highly putrid and foul smelling dairy effluent loaded with high organic and nitrogenous waste. Its application ranges from treating whey, solid milk proteins, and acidic discharge. Excessive MLSS (Mixed liquor suspended solids) of the dairy sludge is reduced, breakdown of acid whey cause the MLSS pH to become acidic, which is corrected by Meteffluentzyme DI.


METEFFLUENTZYME PPI has ability to treat effluent of paper and pulp industry. It is highly efficient, concentrated, synergistic blend of bio consortia comprising mixture of spores, vegetative cells and enzymes for rapid reduction of paper and pulp waste. The paper and pulp industry produce highly loaded waste water from variety of application like bleach plant effluent, and paper machine effluents. In preparation of Meteffluentzyme PPI, we have taken care of specific needs of paper and pulp waste which include, [1} High tempertatures, as high as 70°C [2] Fluctuation pH levels, especially in bleach plant effluents [3] Presence of toxic and inhibitory substances in effluent, which may be detrimental to biological treatment process.


METEFFLUENTZYME PHI has ability to treat pharmaceutical waste water produced from fermentation, organic synthesis, or combination of the two, those producing vaccines and antitoxins, vitamin, citric acid, antibiotics or synthetic antibiotics, sulpha drugs, steroids, and prostaglandins. Waste water from pharmaceutical plant are characterized by a high chemical demand, pH, trace metals, unoxidized nitrogen, phosphorous, colour, odor, temperature, toxicity and variable concentration of salts. Meteffluentzyme PHI is mixture of spores, vegetative cells and enzymes for rapid degradation of highly complex pharmaceutical waste water.


METEFFLUENTZYME TXI is a mixture of various enzymes and spores to be used in textile effluent treatment. Organic wastes of textile effluent contain a mixture of various enzymes, which immediately start to break down the organic wastes. The nutrient salts present in the Meteffluentzyme TXI help to create a medium for the spore to produce additional enzymes, which constantly break down proteins, carbohydrate and fats. Meteffluentzyme TXI thus reduces biological oxygen demand [BOD], chemical oxygen demand [COD], and total suspended solids [TSS].

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