Meteoferment NP

Meteoferment NP : is a bacterial neutral protease enzyme preparation produced by selected strain of Bacillus subtilis. The enzyme will effectively hydrolyse proteins in an endo manner, thus producing soluble peptides and amino acids. The enzyme preparation contains non-standardized amounts of bacterial alpha amylase & beta glucanase.

Meteoferment NP : is bacterial neutral protease enzyme used in alcohol industry for better yeast growth and reducing fermentation time.

Meteoferment G

Meteoferment G : is a glucoamylase enzyme preparation produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus species. It is used to breakdown the starch molecules and the dextrins. It is capable of achieving the complete degradation of the starch to fermentable sugars [glucose]. During fermentation, these sugars are converted in to alcohol by yeast in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation.

Meteoferment AH

Meteoferment AH : is a heat stable bacterial alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced from thermophilic strain of Bacillus species. The enzyme will randomly hydrolyzed 1, 4 alpha-D –glucosidic linkages in gelatinized starch into soluble dextrin’s and oligosaccharides Meteoferment-AH is high performance starch liquefaction enzyme.

Meteoferment-AH is heat stable bacterial alpha-amylase high temperature starch liquefaction enzyme to be used in alcohol industry for thinning of starch in distilling mashes.

Meteoferment A

Meteoferment A : is a fungal alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced by a selected strain of Aspergillus species. The enzyme allows yeast to work continuously during fermentation by increasing initial rate of fermentation when added with glucoamylase. In addition small oligosaccharides and sugars such as glucose and maltose produced by these enzymes enhance yeast growth for better yield of alcohol.

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