Metbak A

Metbak A is a fungal alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced by a selected strain of Aspergillus species. This result in improved bread volume and crumb texture. In addition small oligosaccharides and sugars such as glucose and maltose produced by these enzymes enhance the reactions for the browning of the crust and baked flavour. In baking industry, Metbak A is used for supplementation of the alpha amylase in flour for yeast leavened doughs in order to increase the formation of fermentable sugars.

Metbak P

Metbak P is a fungal protease enzyme preparation produced by a selected strain of Aspergillus oryzae. The enzyme will hydrolyse wide range of proteins preferentially in an exomanner, thus producing noticeably shorter chain length peptides than conventional bacterial protease. In baking industry, Metbak P is used when making bread with ‘hard flour ‘i.e. flour high in gluten proteins to modify bread dough, which results in gluten elasticity and extensibility of dough. Metbak P provides beneficial effects when used with amylase or directly in the bake.

Metbak X

Metbak X is fungal xylanase enzyme preparation produced by a selected strain of Trichoderma Species. The enzymes will hydrolyse beta 1, 4 bonds in xylans and arabinoxylans. Metbak X also contains some amount of beta glucanase and cellulase as side enzymes. Metbak X is used in baking industry. Metbak X gives improvement in the quality of the baked goods, giving better crumb structure, larger volume and more freshness. It improves the elasticity of gluten network in bread dough by breaking down pentosans in flour.

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